Road Construction


Houston Asphalt is a general contracting company with a service record dating back over 20 years. We built our paving business the same way we build roads, from the ground up. When we founded our company in the 1980s, we knew that without a solid foundation of service, our business would crumble. With that in mind, we laid out our future.


During those formative years, we fine-tuned our expertise and we havenít stopped! We are always learning about new paving technologies, materials, mixes, techniques, and regulations. We are always cognizant of each customerís needs and strive to exceed those needs.


Service and expertise are leading success factors, but they are nothing without an emphasis on safety. Our business is a dangerous one with a huge responsibility to our crew as well as to the drivers who will later rely on our workmanship as they travel the roadways going from one destination to another. We adhere to all safety standards and regulations and are committed to providing a safe workplace for all of our team members, regardless of where that workplace happens to be.